May 9

DRUNK DRIVER: Southeast 272nd Street. A driver in a van heading eastbound from Kent into Covington was seen swerving by a pair of callers who reported the motorist to authorities. The driver was cited for driving under the influence.

May 8

THEFT: 16700 block of Southeast 272nd Street. A man known as Joel was arrested for stealing from Fred Meyer and was then trespassed from the property.

SNEAKY THIEF: 17000 block of Southeast 272nd Street. A shoplifter attempted to steal hairspray from Safeway by hiding it in a backpack.

May 7

THEFT: 26300 block of 184th Place Southeast. Koi fish were stolen from a homeowner’s backyard pond.

May 6

BACK FOR MORE: 17400 block of Southeast 270th Place. After stealing a pair of shoes from Walmart the thief returned that same day to shoplift a pair of work gloves.

May 4

GAS AND DASH: 16400 block of Southeast 272nd Street. An employee of Circle K witnessed a middle-aged man pump gas then drive off without paying for it.

CASH CARD STOLEN: 17000 of block Southeast 264th Street. A woman reported her cash card stolen after her son took it from her purse to buy a soda.


May 8

PHONY MONEY: 23800 block of 225th Way Southeast. A pair of juvenile boys unwittingly paid for their food at Taco Bell with what turned out to be a counterfeit $20 bill.

DRIVE BY: 26000 block of State Route 169. Someone shot multiple rounds at a vehicle while the victim was at a local storage facility.

May 7

CHECK FRAUD: 24800 block of 231st Avenue Southeast. Someone took convenience checks out of a homeowner’s mail box then forged one in the amount of $350.

GRAFFITI: 23700 block of Southeast 280th Street. Taggers drew obscene images and wrote vulgar words with a black pen on a building at Glacier Park Elementary School.

May 5

DUMPED: 21800 block of Southeast 268th Street. A car reported stolen in Renton was found unoccupied in a driveway of a residence in Cherokee Bay.

May 4

DISAPPEARING FLIX: 25800 block of West Lake Wilderness Road. A man reported that a pair of Netflix DVDs were removed from his mailbox after he confirmed with the mail order DVD rental company they had indeed been sent.