June 26

FORGED CHECK: 17400 block of Southeast 272nd Street. Someone attempted to cash a forged check at the Bank of America branch in QFC.

EGGED: 21000 block of Southeast 268th Street. A man found dried eggs on his house in the morning and reported he had noticed recently that cars on his street had also been egged, so, it appears the eggings are an ongoing problem in his neighborhood.

SHOPLIFTER: 17400 block of Southeast 270th Place. A woman stole curtains and a phone from Walmart then refused to give a statement to police.

June 25

BROTHERLY LOVE: 19600 block of Southeast 259th Street. A man accused his twin brother of opening a credit card using his Social Security Number in his name then ran up charges on the card.

June 24

CRAIGSLIST SCAM: 27200 block of 172n Avenue Southeast. A babysitter hired through an ad posted to online classifieds service Craigslist was sent checks for service via FedEx. The person paying for the babysitter wrote the checks over the agreed upon amount and requested the checks be cashed with the extra amount to be sent back to them. The checks were forged from someone they claimed to be their employer.

MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE: 17000 block of Southeast 272nd Street. The deposit bag disappeared from the Hairmasters salon.

June 18

DRUG DUMP: 25800 block 156th Avenue Southeast. Someone dumped what looked like garbage from a marijuana growing operation in the parking lot of St. John the Baptist Church.


June 28

THEFT: 23700 block of 222nd Place Southeast. A woman’s purse was stolen from the back office at the retail store in Wilderness Village where she works.

June 26

WILL STEAL FOR JAVA: 22100 block of Southeast 237th Street. A boxed consumer espresso machine was shoplifted from Starbucks.

THEFT: 23400 block of Southeast 267th Street. A pressure washer was stolen from a homeowner’s backyard.

NOT SO FRIENDLY: 22000 block of Southeast 248th Street. A man was disruptive at the Maple Valley Skate Park and was believed to be associated with drinking at the park. He was issued a trespassing warning.

June 25

SUSPENDED LICENSE: Southeast 245h Street and Maple Valley Highway. After a motorist was pulled over for driving with a defective windshield it was discovered the drive had no car insurance. His passenger offered his California identification to the officer and was then arrested when the deputy found out the man had a misdemeanor warrant out for him from the Kent Police Department.

June 23

STOLEN THEN FOUND: 26500 block of 235th Avenue Southeast. A car was stolen from the victim’s driveway but was found a few miles away and recovered by Maple Valley Tow.

June 22

SUSPENDED LICENSE: 24900 block of 224th Avenue Southeast. A car was stopped with a defective brake light. The driver had a suspended license third degree and the car was impounded by police.