Maple Valley-Covington police blotter


July 10

CHECK THEFT: 25900 block of 185th Place Southeast. After checking her account balance a woman realized money was missing. She called her bank and it was discovered that someone written and cashed checks without her permission as well as used her debit card number for unauthorized transactions.

July 9

THREATS: 24000 block of 192nd Place Southeast. Someone sent the victim a letter in the mail threatening to harm the victim’s family.

SHOPLIFTERS: 17000 block of Southeas 270th Place. A pair of juvenile girls caught shoplifting at Kohl’s were charged with theft and trespassed from the store then released to their parents.

July 8

17400 block of Southeast 270th Place. Walmart loss prevention employees caught a suspect trying to steal a pair of earbud headphones. The shoplifter had removed the headphones from the package and stuffed them into a pocket.

VANDALISM: 29300 block of 204th Place Southeast. A home in Druids Glen was covered in toilet paper and eggs, as well as cars parked in the driveway, and the homeowner’s yard.

July 7

TAG TEAM: 17400 block of Southeast 270th Place. A man and woman with young children in tow worked as a team to distract a store employee in order to steal a laptop.

July 6

THEFT: 26200 block of 164th Avenue Southeast. Someone stole a television from Kentwood Family Church.

WHAT’S A CAR BETWEEN EX-FRIENDS: 17800 block of Southeast 267th Street. A person took their ex-friend’s car and refused to return it.

July 5

ANYTHING FOR A FIX: 17000 block of Southeast 270th Street. A man stole a number of items from the men’s department of Kohl’s and told officers he planned to re-sell the merchandise to support an addiction to oxycontin.

THREATS: 19600 block of Southeast 259th Street. A man threatened to burn down his family’s home and took steps to make it happen.

ARGUMENT: 18000 block of Southeast 246th Street. A man and woman who had dated were arguing when the ex-boyfriend stole his ex-girlfriend’s cell phone.


July 11

DRINKING IN PUBLIC: 22500 of block of Southeast 248th Street. After being contacted by an officer for drinking at Lake Wilderness Park, which is illegal, the suspect was found to have a warrant out and was arrested then booked into the King County Jail.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE: 23600 of Southeast 248th Street. An argument between a mother and son escalated into a pushing match.

July 7

DENT AND RUN: 22000 block of Southeast Wax Road. Someone dented a city of Maple Valley work truck over the holiday weekend.

July 6

BURGLARY: 24600 block of Witte Road Southeast. Someone forced open the window of the PTSA sales booth in the parking lot of Lake Wilderness Elementary and damaged the window in the process. It was not clear if the suspects entered the booth.

July 5

FOUND: 21600 block of Southeast 266th Street. A backpack found in the bushes near a home in Cherokee Bay had jewelry and gloves inside.

July 4

FIREWORKS THEFT: 26900 block of Maple Valley Highway. A man and woman, both in their late 20s, stole fireworks from a TNT stand in Four Corners. They were seen leaving in a white pickup with a broken windshield.

July 3

CAUGHT STEALING: 22100 block of Southeast 237th Street. After getting caught stealing beer from QFC the shoplifter attempted to punch the store’s loss prevention employee while trying to get away.

July 2

21600 bloc of Southeast 272nd Street. A pair of minors were arrested after being pulled over. Both were cited for being in possession of alcohol and the driver was also cited for driving under the influence.