Maple Valley and Covington Police blotter for week of Sept. 18


Sept. 14

NOT A MODEL EMPLOYEE: 17400 block of Southeast 270th Place. An employee of Walmart was caught stealing cash from a register.

Sept. 13

BURGLARY: 16400 block of Southeast 272nd Street. A pair of boys rode up to the Circle K and smashed the door open when their attempts to open the magnet lock failed. The pair entered the store, stole cigarettes and cigars, and exited within two minutes.

Sept. 12

HAPPY ENDING: Kent Kangley Road and 195th Avenue Southeast. A stolen vehicle was recovered with the person suspected of stealing it.

ASSAULT: 16700 block of Southeast 272nd Street. A pair of men were arrested for punching and kicking another man at the Puerto Vallarta restaurant.

Sept. 11

THREATS: 173rd Southeast 270th Place. A man claimed another man named Shawn called his cell phone and threatened to kill him.

Sept. 10

SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: Three suspicious males were found hiding in the bushes. All three were under age and cited for being minors in possession then were also identified as suspects in another vandalism and robbery.

CAKE AND EAT IT, TOO: 17000 block of Southeast 270th Place. Two people walked into Cold Stone Creamery and left with an ice cream cake that they did not pay for then were seen heading north toward the Kohl’s parking lot.


LAPTOP: 18500 block of Southeast 246th Place. After borrowing a laptop from a friend the suspect then pawned it.

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: 26200 block of 173rd Avenue Southeast. The victim woke up to the doorbell ringing and when they opened they opened the front door a 30 gallon trash can filled with water was tilted against the door. It spilled into the homeowner’s entryway once the door was opened.

NOT THE KIND OF COCKTAIL YOU DRINK: 15200 block of Southeast Fairwood Boulevard. Someone threw Molotov cocktails into the United Methodist Church parking lot.

Sept. 8

VIOLENT THIEF: 17300 block of Southeast 272nd Street. After trying to steal alcohol from the state liquor store the thief then assaulted a store employee.

VIOLENT THIEF, PART 2: 17000 block of Southeast 272nd Street. A shoplifter fights with citizens assisting Safeway employees trying to prevent the thief from leaving.

OPEN DOOR POLICY: 26800 block of 171st Place Southeast. Someone entered an apartment through an open patio door the resident had left open to allow cats to enter and exit. The suspects stole jewelry, electronics and a bicycle.

Sept. 6

FAILED GETAWAY: 17400 block of Southeast 270th Place. After driving erratically in the Walmart parking lot, a motorist eluded police, but was taken into custody at his home.

BURGLARY, INTERRUPTED: 26400 block of Timberlane Drive. Suspects broke into an occupied home by breaking a window with a rock.

BURGLARY: 17400 block of Southeast 272nd Street. Someone forced their way into the Burger King drive through window using a pry tool.


Sept. 12

ASSAULT: 24800 block of 234th Place Southeast. A man assaulted his girlfriend outside a home by attempting to strangle her.

Sept. 11

THEFT: 23800 block of 222nd Place Southeast. Someone stole a shampoo bowl sink from a vacant storefront.

EMBEZZLEMENT: 26900 block of State Route 169. A Safeway employee embezzled $7,910.47 in cash from May to August.

Sept. 8

GET OFF MY PROPERTY: 27700 block of 215th Place Southeast. A neighbor got in a dispute with a juvenile because he does not like the youngster near his house.

BAD CHECKS: 23200 block of State Route 169. Domino’s Pizza received a number of bad checks from the same customer who was using them to make payment on a closed account.

ANYWHERE I LAY MY HEAD: 232nd Street and State Route 169. A 15 year old boy slept outside of McDonald’s because he claimed his mother was drunk and couldn’t pick him up.

Sept. 3

MAIL THEFT: 26100 block of 195th Place Southeast. A man found his mailbox as well as many of his neighbors opened and mail scattered about. He found ads and fliers in his yard but was concerned bank account statements may have been stolen.