King County health department lists boys from Auburn and Kent as probable H1N1 cases

Public Health – Seattle and King County reported five new “probable” cases of swine flu or H1N1 virus in King County, including a 7-year-old Auburn boy and a 15-year-old boy in Kent. The boys did not require hospitalization

According to the health department Web site, the total in the county is 16 as of today.

Despite the increase of incidents, residents in Covington, Black Diamond and Maple Valley have been able to dodge the virus.

Across the state, 35 have been listed as probable swine flu cases. The CDC Web site listed 226 cases in the United States and one death, a child in Texas.

According to the health department, the Washington state Public Health Laboratory identified the 16 probable cases. The samples have been sent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC for confirmation. None of the cases have been confirmed by the CDC according to the King County health agency’s Web site.

Dr. David Fleming, Director and Health Officer for the King County health department, is quoted on the county Web site stating the numbers are expected to rise, “but because much of the disease caused by this virus is mild, some cases may be going undiagnosed and increasingly these official case counts will underestimate the incidence of infection in our community.”

Fleming also noted a change in the departments approach to school closings when swine flu is suspected.

“Our parents are at the front lines of stopping the spread of infection,” Fleming stated on the Web site. “We are urging all parents to assess their kids every morning to see if they’re sick, and keep them home if they are. In addition, we will be working with schools across King County to help them establish health checks at school entry, so that sick students are identified and sent home before they expose other children.”

The new case of probable H1N1 virus reported on the Web site are:

· an 80-yearold woman from Seattle, who was hospitalized and discharged;

· a 12-year-old female from Lake Forest Park; not hospitalized;

· a 14-year-old female from Seattle; not hospitalized;

· a 7-year-old male from Auburn; not hospitalized;

· a 15-year-old male from Kent; not hospitalized and

· a 12-year-old male from Seattle who was not hospitalized, but was previously reported by King County as a probable case due to symptoms and contact with a probable lab-identified case.