Fire marshal warns proper disposal of fireworks important for safety

State Fire Marshal Michael G. Matlick stated in a press release today consumer fireworks should not be stored in a home or garage.

“All fireworks purchased at a consumer fireworks stand should be discharged during the legal discharge dates.”

The best way to disposal of unused consumer fireworks is:

• Light the remainder of the fireworks during the legal discharge dates for your community, OR

• Check with the stand that you purchased them from to see if they can be returned.

• Fireworks should not be stored until the next fireworks season. A curious child may decide to light an old fireworks item. When exposed to different elements such as water or chemicals, the composition of fireworks can change, thus making them a hazardous material.

Be responsible, properly dispose of leftover consumer fireworks. Personal fireworks require personal responsibility.

For more information about fireworks safety, public fireworks displays and the fireworks laws for your area, check the Celebrate Safely Web site at