Covington council will discuss Jenkins Creek completion date

The plans for Jenkins Park are moving along and will be further discussed at the March 27 council meeting.

The Covington City Council has dedicated funds to improving and remodeling Jenkins Creek Park as part of Phase 2 of the Master Plan for this project.

The process for the Jenkins Park Master Plan started on June 13, 2017 when the council approved a contract with the The Watershed Company, which is a business that look for scientific assessments of properties to avoid harming the environment.

Jenkins Park is a 22-acre community park, located next to Jenkins Creek at 18050 SE 267th Street.

Phase 1 of the plan included understanding the park’s existing conditions and understanding the community’s needs and concerns, according to a presentation given to the council at the Feb. 27 council meeting.

The council has taken time to listen to the community to see what they want for Jenkins Park.

“I think their main goal is, after they talked to the community, (is) they realized it’s not a big community park like Covington Community Park is,” said Karla Slate, the communications manager for Covington. “It’s really, well I’ve always called it a ‘hidden gem,’ because it really is deep within the neighborhood and people don’t know about it, but if you’re from Covington you do.”

Some updates include:

• Security features (fencing, cameras and patrol)

• Trails

• Future trail connections

• Accessible Play Area

• Public Art opportunities

• Interpretive educational elements

• Identified and improved view-sheds

• Flexible, low impact recreational spaces

• Natural area restoration

• Parking

• Picnic Areas

• Pavilion

The next step in Phase 2, is “building on the foundation established in Phase 1,” it said in the presentation.

The city estimated it would cost about $6.9 million for a “full build-out,” but only about $65,000 has been funded and applied, according to the presentation.

To get the rest of the money, there are plans to pursue grants and other funding after the completion of the Master Plan.

Slate said the intention of the new park is to have a natural and outdoors feel to it.

To make this happen, each amenity will be more “natural” looking.

For example, Slate said the playground that will be built there will be made entirely out of wood to add a more natural feel that fits in with the woodsy atmosphere of the location.

“The plan for it is really cool. They’re trying to keep it like really nature-based. They’re not really inserting things that don’t make sense, or big playgrounds, you know like that, but a lot of it is nature-based and natural elements, Slate said. “So the playground area will actually be made out of wood, log-looking type of elements. It’s really surrounded by trees the creek that runs right through.”

Executing of the Master Plan will exceed a little over $2 million.

The council is unsure when this project will be completed, but Slate said the it will be discussed during the March 27 council meeting.