Area council looks for members, local opinions

Those who live outside of city limits, but wish to participate in the local community, has a chance to voice their opinions on Monday.

The Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Area Council (GMVUAC) will hold its monthly meeting from 7 – 9:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 5 at the Maple Valley Fire Station, located on the southeast corner of Southeast 231st Street and State Route 169 intersection across from the King County Sheriff’s Precinct, according to a council press release.

“Members of the public are always welcome to attend and can address the area council on any local issue of concern during an open comment period at the start of each meeting,” the press release states. “Your Area Council represents unincorporated area residents living in the Tahoma School District and advocates to King County—our local government—on issues of importance to local citizens in the areas of growth management, transportation, environment, and economy.”

The 16-seat council currently has four open seats. Anyone that would like to be considered for area council membership can send a request to

The easiest way to both seek membership on the area council (or one of its committees) and provide your opinions on a variety of local issues is to take the online 2019 Citizens’ Survey at, just click on the “Survey” button.

“Your area council also works with nearby cities of Maple Valley, Covington, Issaquah and Black Diamond on local issues,” the press release states. “King County, regional and state officials often address the area council and local residents.”

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