Best Debt Consolidation Loans 2022: Top 4 Companies To Get Quick Cash Approval

Living in a consumer society, all we do relates to spending. Everyone deserves and wants to have what’s best for them. We want to have as much as we can, and we’re used to spending as much to get what we want. Of course, we have a right to that, but this is precisely where the problem arises. Everyone, absolutely everyone, can find themselves in a temporary lack of money or a real financial crisis. So what can you do in a situation like this, and should you consider debt consolidation loans?

Online consolidation loans are fast, short-term cash solutions for all kinds of sudden financial problems because only help received on time really solves your problems. There’s no waiting in line, no complicated paperwork to fill out, and best of all is that you can do it from the comfort of your home instead of running around and wasting a lot of your free time.

People with low and bad credit scores find it harder to get approval for a loan. But it’s not impossible because today, there are many solutions to try. Countless websites offer quick loans with even faster ways of applying and approving, despite the low credit score someone has. These can be real life-savers when it comes to having an emergency and needing to take care of urgent financial crises fast. All you need to do is click on the “apply” button on the website and fill in the required data.

When it’s urgent to transfer cash within a day or two to help you overcome adverse situations, we’ve checked many websites for debt consolidation loans that can help you with that. Like other loans, these too come with interest and other terms and conditions. Let’s look at the best ones.

Top Lenders For Debt Consolidation Loans:

After detailed research and careful analysis of various sites that are an intermediary in providing funding for those who need it, we bring you the best ones for loan consolidation:

  1. MoneyMutual Overall Best For Debt Consolidation Loans Online, Editor’s Pick
  2. BadCreditsLoans.com Best Known For Consolidating Credit Card Debt
  3. CashUSA.com : Top Rated Debt Loans With Low Monthly Mortgage Payments
  4. PersonalLoans : Popular For Personal Loans With Flexible Payment Terms

#1. MoneyMutualOverall Best For Debt Consolidation Loans Online, Editor’s Pick


MoneyMutual is one of the most accurate and reliable online platforms that connect borrowers with short-term lenders. It’s the link between the person who needs money and the available lenders, and that makes it one of the most competent sites from which you can get a loan. In other words, MoneyMutual is something like a middleman, not a lender.

Founded in 2010 and existing over a decade shows the honesty and credibility of the platform. Over the years, MoneyMutual has become the leading marketplace for instantly providing funds to anyone who needs it. To this day, this platform successfully helps people to deal with their financial struggles.

MoneyMutual’s has a few basic requirements that you need to meet so that you can qualify as a borrower:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have at least $800 a month income
  • Have a checking account

It offers lending services to those interested in cash advance payments, emergency expenses, unexpected bills, medical bills, car problems, or other forms of short-term instalment loans.

They provide loans from $200 up to $5000. Their interest rate varies.

Loan application process

The loan application process is very simple. You need to go on their website and provide your information such as your place of living, your age over 18, your monthly earnings, which needs to be at least $800 a month, etc. This information is available to the lenders. When some of them decide to lend you money, you’ll be redirected to their website, where you’ll need to review their loan terms and conditions. If you agree and are satisfied with them, you’ll need to fill out their form and finalize the deal. The funds will be available to you within the next 24 hours.

There’s a possibility that the loaner may contact you (via phone or email) to confirm your information.

Remember that MoneyMutual doesn’t interfere in this process at all, just connects you with lenders, and it has nothing to do with the terms established between you and them.


  • User-friendly interface and simple online form

The layout of the site is very simple, so you can easily find everything you need. Еverything from loan fees and repayment to reviews is in front of you, one click away.

The first thing you’ll see when opening the site is the ‘get started’ button, which opens the application, guiding you step by step on how to fulfill it. The application form is clear and straightforward. It won’t take you more than ten minutes to submit your information.

  • No hidden fees

Using MoneyMutual is free of any fees. This comes as a great advantage when dealing with loans, so feel free to use the services of this site.

It must be mentioned that the same can’t be said for a lender, because depending on their preferences, they may require a fee, but that has nothing to do with MoneyMutual. So, as long as we talk about using this site, MoneyMutual is totally free.

  • Quick service

One of the best things about this website is that you can apply from anywhere and enjoy the speed of service. MoneyMutual has over 60 short-term lenders who can make real-time loan decisions. Because of that, you’ll get the financial help you need very quickly.

You can get the money directly into your bank account by the next business day. To put it another way, you can get up to $5000 in the next 24h, which is pretty fast, especially when you’re in great need of those funds.

  • Data security

MoneyМutual is justifiably one of the most trusted sites you can possibly find. That is because, in order to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the correct use of information, they’ve settled physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to secure the information they collect.

All of this is guaranteed and explained in more detail in their privacy policy.

Loan types

MoneyMutual offers payday loans, bad credit loans, and installment loans options.

  • Payday Loans

Payday loans are the most common short-term loans, and that’s because the loan application process is simple, they qualify easily, and you can get the funds very fast, even the next working day.

You’ll be given the total amount of your loan in advance, but you have to pay it off when you receive your next salary or some other source of income.

In exchange for your loan amount, you’ll need to authorize your lender to electronically withdraw the payment from your bank account on the payout date when you have the funds deposited.

  • Bad credit loans

To determine if you qualify for a loan, MoneyMutual considers factors other than your credit score. This is excellent news if you have a low or bad credit score, especially if you have previously been denied credit because of that.

Several lenders within the Money Mutual network will consider your monthly income more than checking your credit score to approve the loan.

  • Installment loans

You’ll pay back your loan in a set number of scheduled payments with installment loans. The benefit of these loans is that they often have a lower interest rate than payday loans.

MoneyMutual doesn’t do a credit check in the application process, which is a beneficial circumstance, so you’ll be connected with lenders no matter your credit score. But, know that there’s a high possibility that the loan provider will do that.


  • 100% free service
  • Easy navigational website and user-friendly interface
  • It has a simple loan application process
  • It has a vast number of lenders within its network
  • You can get loan offers in a couple of hours
  • Possibility to get the money into your account in 24 hours
  • Informative and educational resources
  • Safe and secure
  • Available across the USA (except New York and Connecticut)


  • Provides small loans up to $5000
  • It’s not a direct lender
  • It’s not available in New York and Connecticut
  • It’s only available in the USA

Customer experience

MoneyMutual has over 2000,000 satisfied service users, whose positive reviews testify about that. As we were looking through them, we noticed that the simplicity of the application process is essential for the users. They say that it’s effortless to fulfill and that the simplicity saves them a lot of time.

Speed and availability, especially getting the loan in 24h, are much-praised characteristics amongst the customers of the MoneyMutual platform.

Many people are returning customers because of the chance of getting a loan regardless of their credit score, and we all know that a low credit score means difficulties in getting a loan. That’s what makes this site’s services flawless, and customers widely recognize and appreciate this.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. BadCreditLoansBest Known For Consolidating Credit Card Debt


BadCreditLoans.com is another site that offers easy and fast loan services. Similar to MoneyMutual, its services apply to anyone in need of quick money. Bad Credit Loans is famous for being very good when it comes to helping people who need money fast.

Whatever the reason for needing a loan is, maybe it’s debt consolidation, credit card refinancing, rent or mortgage, medicine, rent or tax, car repairs, special occasion, vacation, etc. Bad Credit Loans have got you covered.

Even if you have poor credit, this is ideal because the company can connect you with many lenders willing to work with you despite your credit score. They connect you with people who can lend you from $500 up to $10,000. Their interest rate ranges from 5.99% – 35.99%, and you have 36 months of repayment.

Bad Credit Loans guards your information and privacy. You can use the site completely free, without any fees, and, amazingly, it has 24/7 active customer support, which can be very useful, especially for people who deal with these kinds of problems for the first time.

Qualifying for a loan on BadCreditLoan is very easy. The only thing you need to do is to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Provide proof of U.S. citizenship (Social Security number or legal residency)
  • Have regular income and a checking account in your name
  • Provide a telephone number
  • Have a valid email address

Loan application process

The loan application process starts by filling out a questionnaire. In it, you’ll be asked about the amount of money that you need to borrow and the reason behind it. Everything else is very similar to the MoneyMutual process. You’ll need to put your banking and employment info, birth date, and telephone number.

After your application form is approved, you’ll be connected with a suitable lender, who’ll review your application, and if it’s fitting, he may offer you a loan.

Remember that you don’t have any obligation to accept the offer if you think it’s not good for you. You can always start the whole process from the beginning until you find the most appropriate lender for you.

The lender may review your application and estimate that another amount would be more suitable for you and then offer you that amount.

If you decide to accept that consolidation loan, the next step will be to sign the loan agreement with e-signature. E-signature represents e-consent, which means that this is a legally-binding electronic consent. It’s done online, so it can’t get easier than this.

After everything is agreed upon, you’ll receive the money very fast so that you can start settling your debts. There are situations where the website can’t find a suitable lender, so if that happens, you’ll be redirected to other credit-related services.

If nothing else, the website will give them your contact information so that they can reach out to you. In any case, Bad Credit Loans offers excellent help and many opportunities in finding the right lender.


  • Educational blog

At the bottom of the page, you have access to many articles and bits of instructions on how to recognize and avoid a scam, which is a beneficial thing while searching for lenders and loans.

You also have tips on detecting scams and different types of scams, which is beneficial to know nowadays to avoid them successfully.

  • Security

Bad Credit Loans protect your information with data encryption technology. As said in their privacy policy, they provide a high level of security regarding submitted information. They’re very transparent about things, such as what they do with your personal data and the personal information of all visitors to the website.

  • Simple application form

The application form is short, which is excellent when you’re in a hurry. Its simplicity is great for anyone dealing with these kinds of things for the first time. Filling it out will take you a short amount of time.

  • Quick approval and funding

Bad Credit Loans is very fast when it comes to reviewing and approving or disapproving application forms. You’ll get your answer very quickly, and if approved, everything moves very fast, so be sure that you can get your money as soon as the next business day.


  • 100% free service
  • The platform is easy to use
  • Easy to apply
  • 24/7 service availability
  • Transparent website
  • Quick approval
  • There’s no pressure to accept the offer
  • If there is no suitable borrower, they’ll redirect you to other credit-related services.


  • The interest rates can be high
  • You may not be able to get a loan of over $1000 if you have a low or bad credit score

Customer experience

With everything considered, BadCreditLoans.com is a trustworthy website for finding lenders. The fantastic customer feedback is proof of that. Many of them are very content with the fact that everything is done quickly and easily. The customers are delighted with the fast application process, especially with the rapid response on approval.

Some people might never have been approved for a loan because of their credit score. Those people have many words of praise for this service.

Through the comments, we noticed that people really love the freedom of not having to accept the loan offer if the offered amount doesn’t suit them. They also love the 24/7 service availability because they can apply whenever they want to or need to.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. CashUSA.comTop Rated Debt Loans With Low Monthly Mortgage Payments


CashUSA.com has one million customers per month, which speaks volumes of the quality of its services. They provide loans from $500 to $10,000, with an interest rate that ranges from 5.99% – 35.99%. The maximum time for loan repayment is 70 months.

It’s very easy to qualify on CashUSA.com, connect with lenders, and get a loan quickly, even in less than 24 hours. You have the freedom to use the received funds for absolutely anything you want. This is why CashUSA.com is the right solution whenever you need money fast.

On their website, you can find an easy application form, and you can apply even if you have a poor credit score. With CashUSA.com, you can get funds directly to your bank account and use them for any purpose.

As the previous website, CashUSA.com doesn’t have many requirements, just the basic ones. So, if you want to apply for a loan, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Earn a monthly income of at least $1000
  • Have a checking account in your name
  • Be able to provide a telephone number
  • Be able to provide a valid email address

After this, lenders will get access to your information, so they can quickly contact you.

Loan application process

When you open the website, you’ll see a quick application that you need to complete. You need to put your zip code, last four digits of SSN, and your date of birth.

After this, you need to complete the full form with your name, email, employment info, Social Security Number, income, and financial institution information. Maybe it looks like it’s a lot, but this process is so effortless that it takes only a few minutes.

After submitting all of this, all the info will reach many relevant lenders registered with the company, so expect to get offers quickly. If the loan offer terms fit your needs, you’ll be redirected to the lender, finalize the loan with e-signature, and expect the money.

It’s crucial to mention that you can always change your mind, decline the loan offer without paying a cent, and start everything from the beginning. So, choose the most suitable offer, and look forward to receiving your funds.


  • Online and automatic payments

One of the best characteristics of CashUSA.com is the possibility to make all of your monthly payments directly online. Plus, lenders allow you to set up automatic payments, so there is no need to worry about forgetting to pay off your debt.

  • Education center

A section on the website called ‘Education center’ provides information on credits, finances, debt, and banking. If you’re a first-time loan borrower, this is an excellent opportunity for you to get all the necessary pieces of information.

With this kind of help, you can make responsible decisions because the company is not required to enter into a contract with lenders if you’re not satisfied.

  • Security

CashUSA.com provides a high level of privacy and security. They protect personal data from unauthorized access and use by using the most advanced encryption technology. Thanks to this, you don’t ever have to worry about your data being compromised.

Everything they do with your personal information is very transparent in the site’s privacy policy section.


  • 100% free service
  • Rapid service
  • Very easy to use
  • Free online application
  • Mild requirements
  • Transparency
  • Variety of lenders
  • Professional customer service
  • High level of data security
  • The period for loan repayment is 70 months


  • The application requests too much personal information

Customer experience

According to the review we’ve seen (and we’ve seen plenty of them), customers are delighted with the transparency and services that CashUSA.com provides. There are countless positive reviews, and according to customers testimonials, CashUSA.com is one of the most trusted loan services.

Most of the reviews and feedback that we’ve seen refer to the fact that the customers have the right to decide whether to accept the loan offer or not. They’re content because they aren’t obligated to accept a loan that doesn’t feel right, and it’s not suitable for them.

Also, many customers are amazed by the help and professionalism that CashUSA.com customer service provides.

Customers say that CashUSA.com is one of the best solutions when someone is in great need of fast money. Some of them even wrote that because of the Education Center section on the CashUSA.com website, they now make much more informed decisions about loans.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#4. PersonalLoansPopular For Personal Loans With Flexible Payment Terms


PersonalLoans is another helpful website that offers customers a safe and secure service, and most importantly, a trustworthy company for emergency funds. The company has many lenders, which allows them to find someone who can help anyone, regardless of their situation.

PersonalLoans offers the same services as the other websites we’ve covered, which are short-term loans in an effortless way. But, this website differs from the previous four because it provides the highest loans. They start from $500 and go up to $35,000. Interest rate ranges from 5.99% – 35.99%.

Using PersonalLoans, you have the opportunity to get your loan in a simple, effortless, and quick way, and you can use it for whatever it is you want. That’s one of the many reasons you won’t be dissatisfied with the services of this loan company.

This site also demands to meet some requirements, such as:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • You need to be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident.
  • You should have an active bank account.
  • You need to have a valid Social Security number.
  • You must be employed.
  • You mustn’t have active or recent bankruptcies or late payments in the past.
  • You mustn’t have debt that cannot be covered by current income because your chances of getting a loan are low.

Loan application process

The loan application process on PersonalLoans is very similar to the other websites above. As soon as you enter their website, you can start by entering the desired amount of loan. Then, you’ll need to enter your personal and contact info, such as your name, birth date, telephone number, email, zip code, and Social Security number.

Next, you’ll be asked to enter your employment and banking details and some loan info, such as the reasons for requesting a loan.

After doing all of this, you’ll wait for the company to connect you with a compatible lender. You’ll receive an offer that you need to read carefully, especially the terms and conditions. If everything fits your criteria, you can easily accept the agreement and proceed to get your funds. If not, you can refuse the offer, and you’re free to request a new one more suitable for you.


  • Backup copy

An interesting characteristic of this company is that they keep a backup copy of your application, which they can use in case no lender contacts you. PersonalLoans have contacts with third-party lenders, which gives you more opportunities to find a suitable lender.

What makes this company different from the others is the possibility of late repayment. This means that if you are late with the payment, you can contact their customer support team and agree on a date that suits you.

  • Loan types

The majority of platforms for debt consolidation loans offer just one type of loan.

Unlike them, PersonalLoans offer you three different types of loans: online loans, tax loans, and payday loans. This way, you have more options, meaning that you can select the most suitable type of loan for yourself

  • Easy to apply

The loan application process is very user-friendly, so that every question and every step is clearly explained. PersonalLoans will walk you through the whole loan application process, so if you face such applications for the first time, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake.


  • User-friendly interface
  • 100% free service
  • High-speed service
  • Has a broad number of lenders
  • Has easy and simple loan application process
  • Safe and secure
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Gives loans up to $35,000


  • Low credit scores aren’t accepted

Customer experience

We noticed that many of the customers were pleasantly surprised by how quickly a suitable lender connected them. The variety of opportunities and the fast transactions are the things that most of the reviews contain.

Using this service, people mainly had positive testimonials, and they were pleased with the excellent customer service. PersonalLoans is recommended among customers, especially the newer ones, for its fast and easy money transactions.

PersonalLoans has been described as a trustworthy and dependable source for finding reliable lenders. Customers also love when the service is available 24/7 if they have some problem, and PersonalLoans satisfies that need.

PersonalLoans has many satisfied users because of the large variety of offers. They can freely choose the best loan offer for them. Also, the available customer service made them choose this system over and over again.

=> Click here to visit the official website of PersonalLoans

Factors You Need to Consider When Getting a Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt consolidation can work as a way to pay off debt faster. However, if you are not disciplined and don’t pay attention to some crucial parts, you can end up spending more time paying off the debt. Whether you’re new to debt consolidation or not, it’s always a good idea to check the factors that might help you make an informed decision regarding consolidation loans with approval.

Interest rates

It can be challenging to find fair interest rates for debt consolidation loans. When you receive an offer, remember to look at the loan amount and the interest rate, so you’ll know what to expect. If the rate on your new loan is not better than the rate you’re already paying on your current debt, consolidating the loan debt wouldn’t make much sense.

Some websites have higher interest rates than others, so ensure that you’ve gathered all the necessary information before proceeding forward.


A reputable non-profit company is likely to have monthly maintenance fees. Fortunately, they are relatively low cost – and if you’re in an unfortunate situation, some non-profit companies, such as those we’ve mentioned above, waive the fees entirely for you. Be careful because many scam companies pretend to be non-profit to attract people. This is why we’ve done this research, so choose wisely and pick one that has no or minimal fees.

Choosing the most suitable lender

Sites that are linked to a larger number of lenders are great because of the many options they offer. The more lenders they offer, the better your chances of finding the one that suits you best. Also, pay attention to having the availability to decline a loan offer. It often happens that you don’t like the received loan offer, so it is helpful to have the option to refuse freely and continue searching for a new one.

Advantages of Debt Consolidation

There are many advantages on why you should consider debt consolidation. However, it’s essential to understand that there’s no easy way when it comes to debt. Some of the significant advantages of debt consolidation include:

Ease of management

A consolidation loan can be attractive if you have multiple payments because it’ll allow you to combine all these payments into one payment. So, instead of several payments, consolidation leads to only one payment. In this way, you manage to facilitate the payment and reduce the interest.

Low Interest Rate

You can get lower interest rates on a consolidation loan or at least a rate lower than the current rates you pay on your debt. This way, you’ll simplify your finances and put less money on interest.

Reduce the risk of late payments

By getting the consolidation loan, you’ll significantly avoid the risk of being late with your payment. You may be able to avoid late fees, additional costs, and poor creditworthiness.

Disadvantages of a Debt Consolidation Loan

Just like with everything in life, debt consolidation comes with certain disadvantages or risks. It’s crucial to know them, so you can easily avoid them. Some of the most common disadvantages of debt consolidation are:

High Mortgage Rates

There’s always the risk of getting even more indebted and harming your financial situation. Unless you can control the spending of the money you’ve borrowed, a consolidation loan won’t help you, and it can even add to your problems.

So make a monthly plan, stick to it, and organize your expenses properly.

Possibility Of High Monthly Mortgage payments

If you’re dealing with the repayment of several debts with a loan, the monthly payments can become very large. That’s the reason why you need to make sure you can make payments until the loan is repaid.

Strict Terms and Conditions

Loans secured by a home as collateral can become risky if the borrower is unable to make payments periodically. Instead of improving the situation and resolving the debts faster, it could lead to irreparable consequences if the problem is not appropriately assessed.

Frequently Asked Questions: Do Personal Loans Like Debt Consolidation Really help?

What exactly is debt consolidation?

Simply put, debt consolidation is when you use a loan to pay off all your debt. In other words, you take one loan so you can repay several debts, meaning that it allows you to consolidate the money owed in one payment.

The consolidation process doesn’t reduce the loan obligation but reduces the interest on the loan or shortens the time, which leads to faster repayment. Today, the easiest and fastest way to get a loan for debt consolidation is online.

Are consolidation loans a good idea Regardless of Credit Score?

For anyone who struggles with any kind of financial difficulties and obstacles, debt consolidation loans are an excellent idea, primarily if you deal with several high-interest loans with minimum credit score. So, not only you’ll cover your debts, but you’ll also get a lower interest rate or at least a rate lower than the current rates you pay for your debt settlement. Also, getting a consolidation loan online will save you a lot of time because you’ll be done with applying in 5 to 10 minutes.

In other situations, one can even opt for short term loans. Even people with bad credit scores can apply for such loans and repay their mortgage on time.

What are the risks of debt consolidation?

First of all, if you have a bad credit score or unstable income, you may not qualify for a personal loan or a debt consolidation loan. Because of this, you may even be asked to put up some of your assets as collateral. That is why it’s a good thing that sites like MoneyMutual, Bad Credit Loans, CashUSA.com, and PersonalLoans exist. They offer the best debt consolidation loans and can approve you of a loan despite your credit card debt in return of a minimal origination fee.

Secondly, you can get more in debt. The risk is always there, but you can easily avoid it. It’s enough to be well organized and to be careful how you spend the received funds. If you continue to do this, everything will be fine. Just be well informed, and the risks will be minimal, almost non-existent.

Which debt consolidation companies are trustworthy?

We did our research and wrote this article to bring you the best consolidation loan companies. So, each one of the presented companies above is trustworthy and legitimate. They all have a similar way of working and offer similar services, yet each has slightly different benefits, depending on what it is that you want.

Even more, they’ll offer you many possibilities and advantages if you decide to give them a chance and try them.


We can conclude that such websites can significantly make our lives much easier by offering legitimate loans for debt consolidation, especially when struggling with different financial difficulties.

According to various sources, 98% of users who take personal loans for debt online have a positive experience. Hence, that’s the point of fast online loans, to provide financial assistance when customers need it most.

No matter which site you choose, we’re sure you’ll have a great experience. All of these sites work similarly, with tiny differences, and they all have the same purpose, which is to help you get the money you need in an efficient and fast way.

Therefore, don’t wait any longer. Apply, save money on interest expenses, and provide yourself with the necessary funds.

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