Prodentim Reviews – Real Dental Candy Chews for Healthy Teeth and Gum Hygiene?

There might be several companies offering supplements for oral health. However, something about ProDentim candy supplements has created a stir in the oral care arena. Right after it hit the market in August 2022, the accessory became the first choice of all health enthusiasts. As a formulation of Dr. Drew Sutton, MD, this candy has an array of ingredients that can exceed any customer’s expectations. And since none of the elements seem to have harmful side effects, you take it with complete confidence.

Why Your Teeth Need Extra Care?

Most doctors worldwide and dentists confirm that healthy teeth are the basis for a healthy body. Often, good oral care takes a backseat. Many health enthusiasts feel that caring for health is more important than oral care. However, your unhealthy and unattended oral issues can invite many unforeseen health complications. Some can lead to conditions as severe as Cancer and even death.

Because Brushing is not enough

Recent clinical evidence shows that even consistent flossing and blushing might not be enough for optimal oral care. It would help to go beyond brushing twice daily to get the best results. Several people doing this religiously fall prey to severe oral issues. Sometimes, there are bacterial biomes present inside the mouth. As annoying as it might sound, the human mouth is one of the most common breeding spaces of bacteria. However, some bacteria benefit your body, while others can harm gums and teeth. However, the presence of these harmful bacteria is why so many people suffer from gum-related issues, weakened enamel, and similar troubles. Scientists are conducting several studies to understand why some people have difficulty maintaining a healthy amount of bacteria. However, they are yet to arrive at a conclusive inference.

Approaching the Issues

So what should you do if suffering from dental issues for no apparent reason? While your dentist could be the best person to recommend, you can start by taking supplements like ProDentim candy. Having supplementation means that you are giving the industry of alternative health a try. Having dental health supplements means you are following a proven approach to fill the dental health gap. Thousands of health enthusiasts worldwide are trying this method and reaping its benefits. And not only is this method effective, but also economical. If you compare the price of a quality supplement with the money you pay for dental supplies, you will see that the former gives more value. More often than, these candies also help you save big on dentist’s visits.

Understanding Prodentim

You can find many online reviews of ProDentim. However, as a first-time user, you should explore more about the product from an unbiased source. The manufacturers claim it is an oral supplement that enhances the presence of beneficial probiotics in your mouth. And such probiotics help promote healthy inflammation and support the work of respiratory tracts, among other benefits. Designed and formulated by a well-known doctor, this melt-in-the-mouth candy offers 3.5 billion Colony-forming units or CFU in each unit. This means that these candies can supercharge saliva. As a result, you can create a healthy microbiome in the mouth. Moreover, these candies have a minty feel and smell like strawberries. So you can enjoy a yummy way to ensure maximum oral care.

How to Take?

After brushing your teeth in the morning, you must pop one ProDentim in the mouth. Allow it to dissolve completely. Let it melt so that it activates the saliva, and enjoy healthy dental support. There is no need to swallow or chew these oral candies.

What is the Goal?

Dentist-recommended and doctor-formulated, ProDentim is free of sugar and rich in peppermint goodness. The ingredients are put together so the candy can target the root cause of your gum problem or tooth decay. The aim is to give your mouth healing and healthy bacteria. Furthermore, the contents help to restore the microbiome in the mouth. Hence, your gums and teeth enjoy the right environment to thrive.

What is in the Formula?

The components of Prodentim probiotic candies have an exclusive blend. Each unit of 20 gm candies comes with Lactobacillus Reuteri (L. Reuteri), Lactobacillus Paracasei (L-Paracasei), B.lactis (BL-04®), Tricalcium Phosphate, Inulin (as prebiotic strains), Peppermint Essential oil, and Strawberry extract (in the form of malic acid).

There was a time when the components BLIS K-12 and BLIS M-18 were seen on the nutrition label. However, the latest versions of the supplement need to show the names of these ingredients.


Pricing Factor

The oral health supplement, Prodentim, is available in three packages. You can have them as:

  • A single pack for 30-day use.
  • 3 bottle supply for 90 days use
  • 6 bottle supply for b180 days use.

Free shipping is available for all the packages. However, by ordering 3-bottle or 6-bottle boxes, you also get some freebies. Also, the manufacturers offer a full refund if you are happy with the purchase. But you must claim within 60 days of ordering the product. The latest price details are available on the company website.

Get Bonuses

Your order of 3/6 bottle packages comes with two downloadable books, “Hollywood White Teeth at Home” and “Bad Breath Gone. One Day Detox”. Take your oral health to the next level with these books.

Know about the Scam Threat

The enormous popularity of this oral health supplement has also resulted in a surge of fraudulent and counterfeit products. You might find duped, cheaper products on the 3rd party online stores. But to get authentic supplements, you only order from the official website. It is also an excellent way to avoid any scams. And the offer on refund is valid for authentic products only.


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