‘When I was younger, I thought vegetables were aliens’ food’

‘When I was younger, I thought vegetables were aliens’ food’

  • Saturday, April 12, 2008 12:00am
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Dana Sindelar

Dana Sindelar

‘When I was younger, I thought vegetables were aliens’ food’

Don’t you just love it when you sink your teeth into a delicious, sweet, and juicy apple, knowing that you are eating healthy? You wonder how something so healthy could be so irresistible. I guarantee that if you eat at least five healthy goods a day, you will find yourself to be much healthier and feel ten times better about yourself.

“What is a healthy food?” is what you might ask. A healthy food is something green and leafy, colorful and juicy. It could even have some grain in it to be healthy. Eating healthy foods is the way to go and you’ll be one step closer to a better life.

Occasionally, you will open your refrigerator to try and find something to eat. Your eyes suddenly come across a mysterious green and leafy food. Well, don’t be alarmed, it’s not poison and it won’t kill you. This mystery food is called a vegetable. Vegetables grow from the ground and don’t produce a lot of juice. Some vegetables may look like they had just been thrown up by a wild animal. Well, it certainly doesn’t taste like that. In fact, vegetables are quite tasty. When I was younger, I thought that vegetables were alien’s food. As I grew older, I found the courage to try one. I think it was trying a piece of celery. I dipped the celery into some peanut butter. I inched it cautiously to my mouth. Once the peanut butter and celery touched my tongue, my taste buds roared and I went crazy. Right away I knew that peanut butter and celery was the most delightful thing I had ever tasted. From then on I devoted myself to start eating more vegetables.

Even though the colorful and juicy foods (also known as fruits) aren’t ignored as much as vegetables are, they are still thrown away by billions of people across the world. That is why in V8’s attempt to save fruit, they came up with V8 Splash, which is made from fruit. Now, there is a myth saying that a tomato is a vegetable because of how it is produced. Well, the truth is that a tomato is actually a fruit. You know, I was completely devastated and dumb founded when my parents wanted me to give fruit a try. But, when I did, it was like magic. I even found myself to be a lot more active and have tons of energy.

People will probably disagree with me when I say that grain is healthy. They will probably say that it is unhealthy and could be very heavy for the human body. Unfortunately, they are right, but they are also very wrong. You see, grain as in regular grain could be very unhealthy. On the other hand, it is very healthy when you have whole grain foods like whole grain bread or rice.

If you have ever seen a food pyramid, of course the oily sweets are at the top showing that you shouldn’t have them often. On the opposite side of the pyramid, there is a big box and that big box shows that you should have grain the most of any other food. That way you keep a good and healthy body. Personally, I love rice, rice mixed in with scrambled eggs and a pinch of butter. Just imagine all the different, healthy combinations you could make using food with grain.

Therefore, a healthy food could be anything from a green and leafy vegetable, to a colorful and juicy fruit. Even some good whole grain would be fine. Studies show that people who eat healthy live a happier and much longer life. In my opinion, eating healthier is one small step for a human and a large step for humankind.

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