Vote Harjehausen for Covington City Council | Letter to the Editor

I am writing in support of Jennifer Harjehausen for her bid to become a Covington City Council member. Of the two candidates for Position No. 2, she is, by far, the better candidate. She has a long list of accomplishments that are listed in the Voter Pamphlet so I won’t list them again. I would like to let voters know two things.

One, I have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer on the city’s Parks and Recreation Priorities Advisory Committee and was thoroughly impressed. She served as the chair of the committee and did an outstanding job in that position. She demonstrated, meeting after meeting, just how motivated and dedicated she is to this city. She is tireless in her efforts to make Covington a better community in which to live, work and play. She is the working mom of 4 and still finds the time to be involved in her city.

Second, I cannot allow her opponent to get away with some of the things he has said about Ms. Harjehausen. She did not “vote” to scrub the word tax from the Parks and Recreation Priorities Advisory Committee report. I served on that committee and there was never a vote taken in that regard.

As in many elections around the country, there is one group of folks who are intent in blowing everything up in government, refuse to pay their fair share to keep government functioning and seem to be negative toward anything new or different. The other group are forward-thinking, selfless, motivated and involved. Jennifer has demonstrated that she is in the later group, her opponent in the former.

In my opinion, Jennifer Harjehausen is the clear choice for Covington.

George Pearson