Representatives have priorities wrong

We do not want a border wall, paid for with our limited tax dollars

Representatives have priorities wrong

I wanted share some thoughts with Representative Dave Reichert from the town hall held at Cedar Heights Middle School in Covington April 12, which he choose not to attend. This event was attended by hundreds of his constituents.

We do not want a border wall, paid for with our limited tax dollars. We do want health insurance to be accessible and affordable to everyone.

We do not want our neighbors deported and our communities made less safe for fear of deportation.

We do want clean air and clean water and policy based on science.

We do want the Affordable Care Act improved and its cost sharing repayments to providers funded. We do not want it starved out of spite. This is like the proverbial child who kills his parents and then complains about being an orphan. “See, the ACA is not working, because we killed it.” Shame on you.

Republicans control the White House and both branches of Congress yet a shutdown of the federal government looms, health insurers face incredible uncertainty, environmental regulations that preserve our environment are now the enemy, and building a $20 billion (more or less) wall in the middle of the Rio Grande River is the highest priority of the current administration.

We need leadership and good government, not chaos and payoffs to cronies. It seems Representative Reichert is supportive and complicit in the elevation of ideology over county and the interest of his constituents. What actions might he point to that suggest otherwise?

Mark Joselyn

North Bend