Planning ahead eased the pain

Recently I lost my husband after 51 years of marriage. We made our funeral arrangements several years ago, as we didn’t want our children to do this in time of grief. That is not the time to have to think of what a love one would want.

Preplanning a funeral sounds something that was so unthinkable to me, at least I thought so. Until one day our youngest son suggested maybe it might be a good idea. That way everything would be the way we would want it. As it was, I would have never picked out things for my husband that he had picked out. I am so glad we took the time to do this because it made it easier at the time of our death.

Picking a funeral home was easy as we knew Edline and Yahn Funeral Home in Kent was one of the best in the area. Arrangements were made and we felt that we had done our best. As it happened Edline and Yahn Funeral Home moved to Covington. How great this was because it was close to home. Well a couple of years past and the funeral home sold.

After talking to my husband we decide to shop around, yes as if we where going to buy a new car, sad but true. Before we could do this my husband became seriously ill, so a friend suggested we visit and talk to a couple of funeral homes in the area and see what was so different about them. Well, believe me there was a great difference. You don’t want to have to do this after losing a loved one in time of grief, she finally suggested we go to Yahn and Son Funeral Home in Auburn as that is where she went when her Mom passed away. My thought was it was far away.

When I entered the Yahn and Son Funeral Home we were greeted by nice gentlemen. He made me feel everything was going to be OK. There was a sense of comfort I didn’t feel from the others. I explained my situation and he took us into an office where we discussed my husbands and my needs and wishes.

Rob, was so professional, kind, caring, comforting, compassionate and extremely helpful. After I told him what I wanted he asked if he could make a few suggestions. Funerals can be very expensive and he figured out the cost for me that where within my reach and accepted the insurance policy for payment. When I left the funeral home to go to the hospital to see my husband I felt a sense of relief, like everything was okay and in order.

A few days later my husband passed away. You cannot imagine the loss I felt, but with my adult children we went back to the Yahn and Son Funeral Home to make sure everything was the way my husband and I wanted it. My husband had a great mass at St. Barbara Church in Black Diamond, and he was buried at Tahoma National Cemetery with Military Honors. Everything was as perfect as it could be under the circumstances.

Oh yes, my husband always talked about an Irish Wake, to celebrate his life. We did that and I know he was watching with great joy. He would have said mourn and cry for a short time and then life must go on. Arevaderche my love until we meet again.

Yes, I miss him and will the rest of life, but I can be assured the he was treated with dignity and honor. This made me and the rest of family feel that his wishes where honored.

Thank you to Terry Yahn and your great staff for their comfort, kindness and professionalism. I would recommend very highly Yahn and Son Funeral Home of Auburn on the West Valley Highway when you need a service like this. I am so glad we pre planned and choose funeral home it made everything a lot easier. Dealing with people like Doreen, Terry, Rob, Ed and Fred made everything the way my husband and I wanted.

Carolyn McKinley

King County