Maple Valley woman pickets home decorating business

This letter is to all of the community members who saw me picketing near a home decorating business located on highway 169. I would also like to thank the dozens of people who stopped by to offer their support, well wishes and unfortunately, their similar stories regarding this business.

It is a sad day that while I was expressing my right to free speech I, along with my friend were intimidated, followed and my house and children were photographed for what purpose I cannot imagine.

I, along with my friend were picketing to inform other consumers of what happened to my family and to warn them to beware of any company you consider bringing into your home to perform work and to warn them of deceptive business practices. I was there to stand up for I feel is right and this company knows they are in the wrong and unfortunately instead of making things right they decide to turn to verbal and physical harassment and intimidation.

I hired this company in an attempt to keep my business local and to support family owned business. Unfortunately in the end, I have been burned. Good luck to all who have had similar incidents and to the many people I found online at who have open cases with this company.

Amanda Broadbent

Maple Valley