Let’s keep Maple Valley strong, vote yes on Tahoma levy | Letter to the Editor

I hope all the residents of the Tahoma School District will join me in voting yes for the Tahoma levy on April 24. Strong schools are a vital component of strong communities. People move and stay in Maple Valley because of our award winning schools, keeping home values strong and stable. Our community is continually growing more vibrant and diverse as we welcome new families to our home town and they become a part of the fabric of Maple Valley.

Our children deserve more than the minimal, basic, education that the state provides. They deserve safety and health provided by nurses, rich and varied academic courses to challenge and hone their thinking and athletic programs to enhance healthy life choices. Our children are our future.

You can ensure continuity in educational success and your overall tax rate drops. Maple Valley stays strong. It is a win-win situation. Please vote yes!

Erin Weaver

Maple Valley