Do your research, vote Jennifer Harjehausen for council | Letter to the Editor

It has been my privilege to work and serve on many committees and projects with Jennifer Harjehausen. It was there that I witnessed the actions of a deeply caring mom and wife. Jennifer has a strong base of core values. She works hard to be an excellent employee for her present employer of many years, she works efficiently on the homefront to be at those soccer matches, and preschool events and PTA projects, and she tops it off with volunteering also on city and school projects.

Covington is a city that runs well in many areas, balancing the services it can provide to its citizens and not over burdening them with taxes to provide those services. Jennifer is excellent at watching budgets, she digs in and asks those tough questions and does her homework for every meeting I have been at. In addition, she listens to other’s ideas. Her love of children, the arts, and parks will serve Covington well as Covington grows. Jennifer’s work in the PTSA’s and having good relationships with Kent School District will add to the City’s new plans for potential Community Colleges housed in our city.

I urge all citizens to take the time to study the candidates and learn their ideas for moving Covington forward. When you complete this Task, I know you will be making the best choice in voting for: Jennifer Harjehausen for Covington City Council.

Leslie Kae Hamada