Covington Mayor Harto invites citizens to participate

With countless demands on your time, from sports practices, church gatherings, school functions, work and more, adding yet another “To Do” to your list may seem daunting. But imagine being able to provide input on how the city shapes its downtown, what should be included in the community park or even if commuter rail has a future in Covington.

Exciting things are coming to Covington and our city values the involvement of its residents and businesses in the decision making processes. In fact, I believe that public involvement leads to better decision making and provides the vital link we need to make sure we are acting on behalf of our citizens.

Our goal is to not let any idea, suggestion or comment go unanswered. We want citizens to be a part of the process – a partnership for a successful Covington. You elect us, but we also want to reflect your voice and opinion in the decisions we make.

So, how can we get your input? We know that your time is precious, so there are several ways to provide us with your opinions, suggestions and comments. If you have access to the Internet, then you have access to City Hall. Log on to the City’s Web site,, and click on Covington Connections to send in your questions, problems or suggestions about what’s going on in Covington.

Every second and fourth Tuesday, the City Council holds meetings in Council Chambers at Covington City Hall starting at 7 p.m. There are two opportunities for public comment during the meetings and anyone is allowed to sign-up to speak.

Three times a year, the city holds a forum for Covington residents and homeowner association members to meet City staff, learn about issues pertinent to homeowners, ask questions, give input and socialize with other homeowners. The next Covington Citizen Forum will be 7 p.m. Oct. 14 at City Hall.

The city strives to involve the public during processes such as the current Downtown Plan and Zoning Study project. During this time, we will hold several public meetings and open houses for residents and business owners to learn about the project and provide input to help drive the City’s plans. The next Public Meeting for the Downtown Plan is 6:30 p.m. May 27, Wednesday, at City Hall.

I am very proud of the City Hall that we have in Covington. In addition to the public involvement mentioned, our City Hall is open and accessible to the community. I welcome you to give us a visit – online, at a city council meeting, during a public open house, or in person at City Hall.

Be a partner and help shape your future Covington.

Mayor Margaret Harto

City of Covington