Columnist needs to learn to enjoy life

Up until now my family has looked forward to receiving your newspaper from the pleasant older gentleman who delivers it in our neighborhood. That all changed this week. We found Erick Walker’s recent column “Man versus kitty cats” extremely offensive. I realize he was intending to be humorous; however, condoning violence, especially by use of guns, and to animals, is never humorous in my opinion.(Has HE ever been hit by a paintball? I hear it’s not real pleasant – much less pleasant I would imagine, if one weighs as little as a cat or other creatures that might venture on one’s property.)

We are concerned that Erick Walker’s column will give some impressionable people license to use BB guns, paintball guns or similar weapons on animals. I suggest he assume a more positive attitude and enjoy the beauty of life around him. If he has pent up aggression, perhaps he and his BB gun-wielding neighbor could direct it toward much more productive outcomes for themselves, our communities and planet.

Jane Loomis

Maple Valley