Breakfast shows community support

On March 26 a few neighbors and friends met for an early breakfast. Some postponed their morning exercise, others made special arrangements to get their kids off to school, and a few would be just a little bit late to work. For most, going out to breakfast is no longer part of their budget, but still they came. Especially in these difficult economic times, they know that life is better when they are connected within a larger network of friends.

Our small town has a long tradition of being a supportive community where people look out for each other. We share our joys and sorrows in good times and bad. And because no one person can do it all, we help each other. The Greater Maple Valley Community Center gratefully acknowledges our 2009 Benefit Breakfast sponsors, Covington Fred Meyer, Flynn Development, Inc., BECU, Puget Sound Energy, Claffey’s Painting, Maple Valley Fire Fighters, and Johnsons Home & Garden, as well as the capacity crowed who gathered at the Community Center for our fifth annual breakfast fundraiser. Each of these supporters play a vital role in providing the funds that allow us to function at our highest level and do the most good within our community. Our success truly begins with those who step forward to set high standards of giving, and we value this dedication to helping people in need and building a stronger community.

The center is non-profit 501(c)( 3) organization serving more than 3,500 individuals annually, including families with children, senior adults and youth. With more than 30 years of service in the Maple Valley area, the Community Center is one of the most effective ways to support and invest in our community. To find out how you can make a difference and connect with others in your community, we invite you to visit our Web site at or call the Community Center at (425)432-1272.

Lynn Roberts

GMVCC Executive Director