Assessing the candidates for county council and city council

The election results are in and like many of you, I watched closely to see if the candidate we supported would advance to the general election.

Now it’s time to determine which candidate to support.

The showing that Reagan Dunn made was impressive. Reagan has supported our district well in the past and should continue to do so in the future. One of the projects that he has championed was to get Maple Valley’s participation at the table on the development of Summit Place. I anticipate that he will continue in the same vein and will win the general election.

Over the next few weeks we must decide who to support on the City Council for position No. 2 in November. I have had the opportunity to observe both candidates in the past and find that I am extremely impressed with Bill Allison. Bill, like Glenn Smith, four years ago, was a fresh new voice. I am convinced that Bill holds many of the same values that I do and will bring support of those to the council. He is unique in that he brings no appearance of “conflict of interest” to the position. He operates a small retail business in Covington that will not conflict with any of the foreseeable issues. He is a committed citizen of Maple Valley giving considerable support for youth programs.

I have had the opportunity to discuss many of the issues with Bill and found him to be a thoughtful listener. I am impressed with his knowledge of the issues we are facing. Bill will bring that understanding along with his ability to negotiate a consensus to Position No. 2. He will bring a fresh perspective to the Council. My desire is to help convince Glenn’s loyal supporters to support Bill Allison in the general election.

Larry Lindstrand

Maple Valley