A mother sends a warning about dishonest practices by two local businesses

I am writing this letter to warn our community about two local consignment stores. I’ve heard from many of my friends of instances of dishonesty involving these two businesses.

Now this dishonesty has touch me.

For the past couple years I have been a customer of these consignment stores. Last summer I took merchandise to be consigned with them. I have waited patiently for either my merchandise to be sold or returned to me. During this time the stores did a remodel, so I was asked if they could hold onto my things so they would be able to display it properly once their remodel was finished and I agreed. After they reopened I went into the store hoping that my merchandise had sold and if not I would retrieve it. They told me that my merchandise had been sold and they hadn’t been able to enter it into their computer system. Then I went back to check a week or so later and heard a number of things. It’s in a storage unit, it’s at the owner’s home, it’s in the owner’s vehicle. You name it I have heard it. This has been on going since January.

One of the owner’s now is telling me that my merchandise was given as a donation. Then later that day the other owner left me a message stating that she has my items at her home. They need to get their stories straight. Enough of the lies! It’s called bad business there has been so much dishonesty with something that could be resolved so easily.

I am over the fact that I may never get my merchandise back. It’s the principal of the situation that gets me so frustrated. This business has no integrity.

I want to send a warning to all the local mommy’s that this is a shady establishment so consigner‘s beware!

Kate Harper

Maple Valley