Wilderness Veterninary Clinic has new name

After over 40 years serving Maple Valley, the Wilderness Veterinary Clinic is changing its name to Wilderness Animal Hospital.

Wilderness Veterinary Clinic was started in 1965 by Dr. H.E. Johnson in a building located where the QFC shopping center is currently located. Johnson moved the practice to its current location in Wilderness Village shopping center in 1988. Dr. Linda Reed bought the practice in 1989 and expanded the practice.

Dr. Melanie Caviness purchased the practice from Reed in 2006.

Since purchasing Wilderness Veterinary Clinic, Caviness has made many updates including an adding a high speed dental machine, digital dental x-rays machine, digital general radiography machine, patient anesthetic monitors, patient warming devices, in-house laboratory machines, video otoscopes and blood pressure measurement device.

A computer system was brought in to enable computerized record keeping and to integrate all the technology available and further improve the level of patient care and additional staff has been added to increase the level of nursing care available for the patients.

Since making these updates, it became clear the practice had outgrown its name. Patrons of the QFC and Wilderness Village complexes may have already noticed the new Wilderness Animal Hospital signs at either end of the Wilderness Village shopping complex.