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Rude dental office candy buy back a sweet deal

Joel and Danny Rude’s dental office in Maple Valley conducted their seventh annual candy buy back event. Though the Rudes limited the buy back to one day this year, children in the community brought in 1,232 pounds of candy on Nov. 2 and received $2 per pound.

  • Dec 4, 2009
Top photo: Stina

Puget Sound Energy to contribute to food banks in Maple Valley and Enumclaw

Budget-strapped families may find the holidays a little brighter this year thanks to local food banks and the contributions they are receiving, as in past years, from Puget Sound Energy and its employees.

  • Dec 4, 2009

DON BRUNELL: Disorder in the courts

As the debate rages over the causes and consequences of global warming, one impact is certain: Global warming is about to create an avalanche of lawsuits against the federal government and private industry.

Puget Sound Energy tips for safe and efficent holiday lights

With the arrival of the holiday season and festive decorating underway, Puget Sound Energy reminds customers to stay safe and save energy by using Energy Star-rated LED (light emitting diode) decorative holiday lights.

  • Nov 28, 2009

The good news and bad news about the economy

It is a classic case of “good news, bad news.” The good news is that, as Thanksgiving approaches, there are hopeful signs that our economy, investments and 401k retirement funds are starting to rebound. Heading into a day when we traditionally give thanks for our blessings, people do not appear in as much of a panic over job losses as they did a year ago.

Time to raise revenues not taxes

Now that voters have rejected I-1033, the spending limit initiative, the talk in Olympia has turned to raising taxes.

WorkSource works for those looking for work

A study released today stated unemployment-insurance claimants who use Washington’s WorkSource job services are getting back to work faster and earning more money than those who don’t.

  • Nov 9, 2009

Washington state is hotbed for green energy

Two studies recently confirmed what most people in Washington already know: Our state is a hotbed for green energy innovation, conservation and job creation.Earlier this… Continue reading

Washington state is hotbed for green energy

Two studies recently confirmed what most people in Washington already know: Our state is a hotbed for green energy innovation, conservation and job creation.

Trapper O’Keeffe

Devotion creates loyal customers at Trapper’s Sushi

Trapper O’Keeffe just wants to make sushi. He must be doing something right because he now owns two sushi restaurants, Sushi Town in Bonney Lake and Trapper’s Sushi in downtown Covington, both of which have loyal regular customers. O’Keeffe, 33, opened the restaurant that bears his name in Covington six months ago but he’s been making sushi since he was 17.

Trapper O’Keeffe

Technology may be a home field advantage in Washington state

As federal lawmakers scramble to create jobs in the face of record unemployment, Washington may have a hometown advantage: our high tech sector, specifically information technology or IT. That includes computers, software design and development, as well as the myriad manufacturing and service industries that support the IT sector.

Where food comes from matters

A few years ago, I was about to have a book published. Everything was ready to go when my publisher called with bad news. The agency in charge of the printing process had given the print job to a new company overseas. Originally, we were supposed to print in Korea, but now my book was to be printed in Hong Kong instead.

ASK THE AG: Options for keeping up with car payments

Consumer: “I cannot make my car payment. If I pay the interest and a little towards the principal, can I keep the car until I get back on my feet?” Attorney General Rob McKenna: Unfortunately, if you don’t make your payments, your lender may repossess your vehicle – and your blemished credit history can make it difficult for you to obtain another loan in the future. Plus, you will still owe the remaining balance on the vehicle you no longer have.

American innovation will bring us back from recession

Some prominent economists tell us we are starting to come out of the worst recession since the Great Depression, but many worry the uptick won’t last.

Technology in daily veterinary treatment

I am constantly amazed how technology is changing our lives. As a veterinarian, I am always challenged to keep up with these changes, especially when it is related to how health care is delivered to my patients. I also have to admit, I am a bit of a technology junkie, and enjoy taking advantage of the opportunities to improve my patients’ care and treatment using technology.

Maple Valley Tattoo participates in Breast Cancer Awareness

Maple Valley Tattoo is participating in breast cancer awareness month by donating a portion of the cost for every Pink Ribbon tattoo done in the month of October to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for a Cure.

  • Oct 2, 2009

Bad times expose fatal flaws in workers’ compensation system

Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) has proposed an average 7.6 percent increase in workers’ compensation premiums for 2010. The insurance, funded mostly by employers, pays for medical care, pensions and lost wages for injured workers.

Record salmon run means dam breaching bills should be killed

Even though the plan to manage the Columbia and Snake rivers continues in flux, things are improving for the fish and people who depend on the two waterways. On the fish side, salmon and steelhead are returning to the two rivers in record numbers.

Medical malpractice needs to be reformed to fix health care

When President Obama addressed Congress and the nation on the need for health-care reform, he brushed off medical malpractice lawsuit abuse with a cursory acknowledgment of the problem.

Food labeling program may not give information about best food choices

A new food labeling campaign is being launched by some of the country’s top food manufacturers. It is called “Smart Choices” and is meant to guide all of us who are interested in healthy eating. An easily identifiable label is printed on the front of the selected food packages.