Best THC Gummies – 7 Tips for Picking the Safest Product

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THC Gummies Basics

You have probably heard that gummies are so-called edibles. What does that mean? It means that edibles are THC-infused food products. They can come in various forms and shapes like gummies, baked goods, or even chocolate. These are great alternatives to smoking.

Ingesting and inhaling cannabis are two different experiences. Edibles are much stronger form. For that reason, it is important to start with small doses. After you develop the tolerance, work your way up.

There are many benefits of edibles, such as:

  • Longer effects

  • Measured dosage

  • No need for extra equipment

  • More in-depth high

For gummies to take effect, you may need between 30 minutes and two hours, it depends on the person. Gummies are more potent because of the way how they are metabolized. After you ate the gummy, first it will be digested by the stomach and intestinal tract. It will be also metabolized by the enzymes in the liver before the effect can be felt. The enzymes in the liver break down the THC into a powerful compound 11-hydroxy-THC. This compound enters the brain more easily and that is why edibles, in general, are strong.

History Facts

Cannabis edibles are not a new thing. They have been around for a long time. In the East, edibles were used since 1000 BC for treating medical conditions. However, in Western medicine cannabis was not used before the 19th century.

Some historians believe that ancient Chinese drank cannabis-infused teas in the 15th century BC. Cannabis was also cultivated in India where the ancient Vedas considered it one of the five sacred plants. Other historians believe that cannabis consumption started when people began to discover what plants were edible and what was poisonous. It is known it treats many medical conditions.

There are so many examples of cannabis edibles. In the 60s in the United States, edibles like cannabis chocolate, teas, candies, oils , etc. became popular. Hippies experimented with edibles, which started with a humble cannabis brownie. Today we see a new age of cannabis edibles such as lip balm, tea, gummy candy, and even pizza sauce; anything you can think of.

Are THC Gummies Legal?

The most often asked question. As long as the THC level in the product is less than 0.3% of its net weight, then the answer is yes, THC gummies are legal. This is a piece of good news for individuals who want to take a break from CBD products. Furthermore, the benefits of THC gummies are great, especially when combined with CBD. The medical benefits of THC gummies are:

No health risks from smoking

Smoking in general has a negative impact on a person’s health. When you choose to take gummies, there is no need to worry about that aspect at all.

Reduces inflammation

It has been proven that cannabis can help to tone down inflammation. This is also true when the THC is taken with other cannabinoids.


Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders. THC gummies may help you to alleviate your anxiety. Even if you do not have anxiety, you are just stressed out sometimes, THC gummies will help you relax.

Let us dive deeper into the subject and find out what are the seven tips for picking the safest product.

  1. The Ratio of Cannabinoids

Ratios are the most important part of knowing how your body will react to THC gummies. The different ratios of THC to CBD achieve different things. For example, if the CBD ratio to THC is 0:1, it means you are using a THC-only product. Generally, this will give you a more euphoric, happy, and uplifting feeling. If you have a low tolerance for THC, this is probably not a product for you. But, if the CBD ratio to THC is 1:0, it will not produce such a high feeling. Adding CBD or any other cannabinoid to THC gummies can balance this. So, the CBD ratio to THC is 1:2 you will probably feel high but in a more balanced way without feeling anxious. Most consumers enjoy gummies when a CBD ratio to THC is 1:1, the feeling is more soothing.

  1. Added Terpenes

Terpenes are organic compounds responsible for the taste and the smell of the cannabis but also influence your high. Common terpenes are linalool, pinene, limonene, myrcene, humulene, and caryophyllene. Each of these terpenes has a different purpose. For example, linalool is found in lavender and will send your high in a more relaxed way. Pinene is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, limonene is an antifungal and reduces inflammation and boosts your mood. In the nutshell, when brands add terpenes they are creating a more tailored experience for the consumer.

  1. Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Having full-spectrum cannabis oil will add a more nuanced high. That is because the oils are created to preserve a great deal of the original plant’s natural terpenes and cannabinoids as much as possible. These kinds of gummies will have more earthy refinement which adds to the complexity of the flavor.

  1. Read the Package

It is essential to read the package, especially for dosing guidelines. Usually, the ”standard dose” is considered to be 10mg. We advise newbies to start with half of that. Once you experience the effects of the 5mg dose, it is easy to add an extra 5mg if you feel comfortable. Until you are familiar with gummies, start low and work your way up. Soon, you will learn how your body reacts to a certain dose. More experienced consumers most of the time consume small dosages between 3-7mg. This is called micro-dosing. This method is used to gently stimulate cannabinoid receptors for improved creativity, mood, and focus.

  1. Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is very important with THC gummies, and cannabis products in general. The whole purpose of the third party is to provide an unbiased analysis of the THC products. These tests indicate the purity, potency, and quality of the THC product. In today’s market, this is a crucial component. A reputable manufacturer will send a sample of the product to a different testing company. That company will test the product and provide the results.

  1. Quality Ingredients

When buying THC gummies , buy the ones that are made with quality ingredients. Make certain that on the packaging is a total list of ingredients used in the product. Any chemicals or synthetic additions should not exist in the product. Always check for preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and compounds you might be allergic to. Make sure, that the delta-9 THC level of the product is then 0.3%.

  1. Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is particularly important in the world of THC gummies. Always check the company and their products. Make sure the company offers details about who they are and how the products were made. And also, check the customer reviews.

Things to Avoid

While buying the THC gummies, there are a couple of things to avoid.


There is no need to add any kind of additives because gummies already have a long shelf life. In the same way, no artificial flavoring is needed because fruit juice is a healthier and better option in general.


For example, the color of delta-8 THC extract is pink. Unfortunately, many individuals think that opaquenesses corresponds to purity, which is not true. Bleaching delta-8 THC is actually useless. On the other hand, bleaching can be dangerous because it adds poisonous chemicals to the distillate. So, avoid pure clear THC items.

The Bottom Line

With these small guidelines, you can now shop for THC gummies with confidence. When you purchase THC gummies, make sure you buy from reliable brands like Joy Organics , among others. THC gummies are a great product for individuals who need to reduce inflammation, who need to relax, and who need to boost their mood. Stick to the right dose and a trustworthy brand, and gummies will offer you the mental and physical relief that you need.

Being one of the few cannabinoids that are legal, THC gummies may offer you some euphoric buzz. They will also give you a relaxing high. When using THC gummies for the first time, it is important to do it safely. Stick to the recommended dose and buy products from a licensed and reputable company that sells products tested for potency and purity.

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