Ronald Nunes

Ronald Nunes discovered desecrated headstones in Black Diamond.

Desecration of headstones in Black Diamond

As a retired member of the Armed Forces, I settled down in a part of my home state that I consider being very pleasant and rich in history. I love visiting all the interesting museums here in our local area around Maple Valley and visiting the quaint little communities such as Black Diamond, Ravensdale and even strolling through the grounds of what was once Franklin. Another activity that I occasionally enjoy is going for a leisurely walk through cemeteries in the surrounding areas. It just so happened that a couple of weeks ago I was visiting the final resting place of those before us in Black Diamond when I discovered that several of the tombstones had been desecrated, some completely destroyed beyond irreparable restoration. How could a person or group of people be so demented and bend on cemetery vandalism at all I asked myself.